Introduction to Astrophysical Plasma

    Schedule (Fri 10:10am-12:00pm; KIAA)

    Lectures 1-3 ISM; Astrophysical magnetic field; particle motions[slides]
    Lectures 4-5 Basic MHD[slides]
    Lectures 6-8 MHD turbulence[slides]
    Lecture 9 EMHD turbulence[slides]
    Lectures 10-11 Cosmic rays I[slides]
    Lectures 12 Cosmic rays II[slides]
    Lectures 13-14 Cosmic rays III[slides]
    Lecture 15 Superdiffusion and reconnection[slides]
    Lecture 16 Acceleration in shocks and reconnection, GRB[slides]

    Student presentations

    I Magnetic helicity[slides]
    II Magnetic reconnection[slides]
    III Plasma radio astronomy[slides]
    IV Magnetic helix on disk[slides]
    V Observations of Turbulence[slides]
    VI Returning plasma blobs from CME[slides]
    VII Shock Wave Behavior for Sunspot Oscillations[slides]