Homepage of Luis C. Ho



Physical processes in galactic nuclei

Accretion disks and jets

Searches for massive black holes

Coevolution of black holes and galaxies

Quantitative galaxy morphology, origins of the Hubble sequence

Extragalactic star formation

Interstellar media in galaxies

Star clusters and other dense stellar systems


Projects and Tools

Carnegie-Irvine Galaxy Survey (CGS)

GALFIT Image Decomposition Program


Research Group

Current Members

Roozbeh Davari (Ph.D. student; U. C. Riverside)
Hua Gao (Ph.D. student; Peking University)
Jinyi Shangguan (Ph.D. student; Peking University)
Rui She (Ph.D. student; Tsinghua University)
Jiayi Sun (Undergraduate student; Tsinghua University)

Yanxia Xie (Postdoctoral fellow;  KIAA; Ph.D, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
Siyue Yu (Ph.D. student; Peking University)
Chu Zhuang (Undergraduate student; Peking University)
Yulin Zhao (Ph.D. student; Peking University)

Affiliated Members

Song Huang (Postdoctoral Fellow; Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)
Minjin Kim (Research Scientist; Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
Zhao-Yu Li (Research Scientist; Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
MinZhi Kong (Associate Professor; Hebei Normal University)
Chien Y. Peng (Scientific Programmer; Giant Magellan Telescope Organization)

Former Members

Yuguang Chen (Undergraduate student, Peking University; now Ph.D. student, Caltech)
Louis-Benoit Desroches (Ph.D. student; U. C. Berkeley; now Engineering Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Mercedes E. Filho (Ph.D. student; University of Groningen; now Researcher, Centre for Astrophysics of the University of Porto)

Jenny E. Greene (Ph.D. student; Harvard University; now Associate Professor, Princeton University)
Meng Gu (Undergraduate student, Nanjing University; now Ph.D. student, Harvard University)
Song Huang (Ph.D. student; Nanjing University; now Postdoctoral Fellow, Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)

Siyao Jia (Undergraduate student, Peking University; now Ph.D. student, University of Hawaii)
Minjin Kim (Ph.D. student; Seoul National University; now Research Scientist, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
Zhaoyu Li (Ph.D. student; Peking University; now Research Scientist,  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

Swara Ravindranath (Postdoctoral Fellow; Carnegie Observatories; now Associate Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute)