Announcement : Bilateral Workshop between the Kavli Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University and the Instituto de Astrofisica, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile on Active Galactic Nuclei and Galaxies

Dear Colleagues,
This is the first announcement that we plan to hold a bilateral astrophysics workshop between KIAA-PKU and the Instituto de Astrofisica, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) on topics of active galactic nuclei and galaxy evolution and other related topics. The workshop will be held on Feb 13-17 2017 at KIAA-PKU, Beijing. The main goals of this workshop are to develop collaborations between KIAA/DoA-PKU and PUC and promote cooperation between the Chinese and Chilean astronomical community.

The registration is closed.

Please contact us (rwangkiaa at if you still want to register to the workshop.

Scientific organizing committee (SOC):

Xuebing Wu (KIAA-PKU), Ran Wang (KIAA-PKU), Eric Peng (KIAA-PKU), Richard de Grijs (KIAA-PKU), Yingjie Peng (KIAA-PKU), Xian Chen (PKU), Ezequiel Treister (PUC), Claudio Ricci (PUC), Roberto Assef (UDP), Thomas Puzia (PUC) ,  Franz Bauer (PUC)

Local organizing commitee (LOC):

Jie Yao (KIAA-PKU), Ran Wang (KIAA-PKU), Claudio Ricci (PUC), Shuyan Liu (KIAA-PKU), Lili Liu (KIAA-PKU), Shuo Zhang (KIAA-PKU)

The participants from Chile :

Ezequiel Treister —PUC : multiwavelength properties of AGN, obscured AGN and their relation with the cosmic X-ray and Infrared Backgrounds
Franz Bauer — PUC :  Multiwavelength studies of AGN, Supernovae, Galactic center. 
Claudio Ricci — PUC : Physical structure, kinematics, and evolution of AGNs, X-ray spectroscopy and simulations. 
Thomas Puzia — PUC : formation and evolution of galaxies, star cluster systems and stellar populations. 
Patricia Bessiere — PUC : triggering mechanisms of AGNs and co-evolution of AGNs and their host galaxies.
Roberto Assef — UDP:  Observational studies of AGNs and their role in galaxy evolution
Johannes Buchner —  PUC : Growth of Black holes, obscured AGNs, statistical analysis of astronomical data
Daniel Asmus — ESO : dust and gas around AGNs, infrared observations (Gemini, Subaru, VLT) of dust and PAH emission.
Konrad Tristram — ESO : optical, IR, and submm studies of the dust and gas around AGNs
Paulina Troncoso Iribarren – PUC: observational studies of galaxy evolution

*PUC= Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

*UC= Universidad de Chile

*UDP= Universidad Diego Portales