Cosmic Evolution of Quasars: from the First Light to Local Relics

October 21-25, 2019

Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA), Peking University (PKU)

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Cosmic evolution of quasars traces the history of supermassive black hole growth in the universe, from the first light to the current epoch. Meanwhile, quasars are key probes to the evolution of the intergalactic medium since reionization, and shape the evolution of cosmic radiation background. Large scale structures mapped by quasar redshift surveys provide sensitive tests to both cosmological models and quasar environment. Large scale surveys such as SDSS and 2dF ushered in an era of detailed statistical studies of quasars with sample sizes up to a few hundred thousand. Upcoming surveys, in particular DESI and LSST, will include millions of quasars and map the cosmic evolution of quasars in unprecedented details. This conference aims at bringing in observers and theorists to review the progresses made in understanding quasar evolution and its cosmological implications, as well as challenges and opportunities with new quasar surveys in the coming decade. 

The meeting will mainly cover the following topics:

1) Current and future surveys of quasars

2) Evolution of the quasar population across cosmic time

3) Quasars as cosmological probes

4) Growth of supermassive black holes


Important Dates

January 15, 2019: First announcement and registration opens

March 15, 2019: Second announcement 

June 15, 2019: Abstract submission and registration close

June 25, 2019: Program announcement

July 5, 2019: Payment deadline

October 21-25: Conference


Scientific Organizing Committee

Linhua Jiang (PKU; co-chair)

Xiaohui Fan (Univ. of Arizona; co-chair)

William N. Brandt (Penn State Univ.)

Jenny Greene (Princeton Univ.)

Myungshin Im (Seoul National Univ.)

Yoshiki Matsuoka (Ehime Univ.)

Marta Volonteri (IAP)

Tinggui Wang (USTC)

Stephen J. Warren (Imperial College London)

Christian Wolf (Australian National Univ.)

Xue-Bing Wu (PKU)


Local Organizing Committee

Jingling Guan (PKU)

Shuyan Liu (PKU)

Min Sun (PKU)

Lulu Zhang (PKU)

Dongyao Zhao (PKU)



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               Jingling Guan (logistics):  

Telephone:  86-10-62759601